Frequently Asked Questions
I noticed the color of No Gray is reddish. Will this affect my hair color outcome?

No Gray may make your color a little darker. However, on gray you should notice the difference. The extra pigment will ensure solid gray coverage.

How long is it supposed to help hold on to color?

No Gray should help your color last approximately 6 weeks. The package includes two tubes of No Gray.

Do I use just one tube per dye job?

Yes, one tube is recommended. However, if you have extremely resistant gray hair then two tubes can be used to get better gray coverage.

How exactly does No Gray work?

No Gray adds penetrating agents which help the color intermediates penetrate the hair fiber more effectively. In addition, No Gray adds additional pigment specifically designed to cover gray hair.

Does No Gray work with ALL types of hair dye brands and different hair colors?

No Gray will work with all oxidation hair color. Oxidation colors have to be mixed with a developer, so if your color is mixed with a developer it is an oxidation color, so therefore No Gray will work with it.

Do I need to protect my hair from the sun after using this product?

No, however, staying out of the sun will help your color last longer.

I have 100% gray hair. Will No Gray still work for me?


Is it safe on my hair to use No Gray every time I dye it?



“I’ve tried at least four other temporary gray cover-ups and this one is definitely my favorite. It’s relatively easy to apply and best of all, I don’t get that greasy, dirty feel that I got from all the previous products I had used.” – Src: C. Carol on

“Love this! Gives me so much more time between colorings and now I have no issues pulling my hair back.” – Src: Maria on

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